Hand Flaker

The all-rounder for every household – the Waldner biotech manual grain crusher, called the FLOCKER, being a roller or flaker
The grain crusher has a adjustable crushing mechanism and is made of solid ash and has met the high quality European standards, it is simple to set up and clamps on to a bench or table.

Use your Flocker to roll your oats and quickly prepare a fresh and healthy porridge or muesli each morning.



The Waldner Biotech Flocker or hand flaker can flake or roll your grain and produce the highest quality as long as your source grain is also of high quality, and no nutritional value or flavour is lost when you roll your grain and eat it immediately.

The crushing mechanism is easily adjustable to allow you to fully control the thickness of flakes produced.


wood (solid): ash
output: 60 g/min
measurements in cm H/W/D 27/11/10
weight: 1,8 kg



Additional information

Weight 4 kg


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