Lifesaver Water Container CUBE

The best survival tool – The Lifesaver water container CUBE, a filtration system for the home that will fit in your fridge

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NEW! The Cube

The LIFESAVER water container cube is the perfect family accessory allowing you to have access to instant sterile water for your home and leisure time.  A simple to use portable device, requiring no installation and offering up to 5000 litres of water filtration, the LIFESAVER® cube™ is the latest product in the LIFESAVER® Family.

With the LIFESAVER® cube™ you will be able to access water from a variety of sources including compromised tap water and instantly provide clean water for your family, just FILL, PUMP, DRINK™. It is the ideal home accessory reducing lime scale and chlorine in your water. 

LIFESAVER® technology filters down to 15 nanometres, that is 0.015microns. We are the world’s first and only portable technology that is patented worldwide, to filter down to this level. With the smallest virus known being Polio at 25 nanometers, you are safe in the knowledge that  LIFESAVER® filters all bacteria, viruses, cysts and all waterborne pathogens from your water. The LIFESAVER® cube™ incorporates the patented and proven LIFESAVER® technology – being the only portable water filtration technology to remove all microbiological waterborne pathogens including bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites and fungi from water without the need for any chemicals or the need for power or UV light.


  • No Installation

  • Up to 5000 Litres

  • Instant water

  • Perfect fridge size

  • Whole family use


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