Spare Nozzles – Divine Countertop or Divine Ultra

6 Pak replacement filter cups/ filter Nozzles, complete with charcoal refill
Please specify which Divine Water Distiller model you have, as there are two types.
(you take these apart to insert replacement charcoal 6 pak sachet or loose refill)

Note: By just ordering ONLY the DIY Charcoal refill, you simply refill these nozzles each time, without having to purchase them, which is more costly.
These nozzles have a gauze cover which is removed with a knife, then refilled with loose carbon or a sachet.
One spare nozzle is supplied with the Ultra MK1 and is white
One spare nozzle reads MZ on top of the nozzle
One spare nozzle used in the latest stainless Steel is only used on Divine Ultra stainless MK2 (latest)
Please confirm which of the first two plastic nozzles need replacements?



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Weight .5 kg