Water Distiller DIY Kit – Without steam chamber

The ultimate Survival Tool – A Non Electric Water Distiller to make your own distilled water , purchase with or without the high grade st/steel steamer, which can also be used as a cooker.
Note: Cookers out of stock at this time….but any pressure cooker will do, best in st/steel.

For the most rapid production of Distilled Water, the Life Saver Water Distiller uses 3 metre of 316L Stainless Steel Tubing in its condensing coil, which is more than is used in most Household Electric Water Distillers.



 It uses Food Grade 316 Stainless Steel in the Condensing Coil to prevent the leaching of hazardous metals into the Distilled Water which will ccur if the Condensing Coil is made of Copper or Aluminium

man distiller coil

        The Life Saver Water Distiller Kit consists of the following components:

1. Extra High Capacity Spiral Condensing Coil: 3 Metres of 10mm Food-Grade 316L Stainless Steel — coiled into 7 loops.Overall Height of Coil: 300 mm, Diameter: 514 mm
2. Food Grade/High Temperature Flexible Vinyl Tubing [1 Piece]. 622 mm
3. Adjustable Stainless Steel Clamps [2].
4. Activated Carbon [Charcoal] Post-Filter [1].
5. Grommet Seal [2].
6. Grommet Sealant Glue [1 Tube]

             diagram man-distilling

1. Pressure Cooker [Boiling Chamber].
2. Pressure Cooker Vent Pipe which is normally used for the Pressure Regulator Weight.
3. Food/Medical Grade High Temperature Flexible Vinyl Tubing is used to connect the Boiling Chamber to the Condensing Coil.
4. Condensing Coil inlet.
5. Condensing Coil.
6. 20 Litre Plastic Bucket filled with Raw Contaminated Water to act as a “Heat Sink”,cooling the Steam Vapor in the Condensing Coil to produce Pure Distilled Water.
7. Condensing Coil outlet.
8. Activated Carbon [Charcoal] Post-Filter installed on Discharge Outlet of Condensing Coil.
9. Sterile Container for collection of Distilled Water.


The condensing coil is installed inside the plastic bucket, with the discharge tube of the coil extending through the lower side of the bucket using a grommet seal that keepswater from leaking out of the bucket. An Activated Carbon [Charcoal] Post-Filter is installed on the end of the coil discharge tube to dissipate volatile gases that may be carried with the steam from the boiling tank into the condensing coil.The bucket is filled with raw untreated water which surrounds the condensing coil to act as a “Heat Sink” in dissipating the heat in the steam, condensing the steam into Pure Distilled Water./The Boiling Chamber [Pressure Cooker] is connected to the condensing coil

Extra High Capacity Food-Grade 316L Stainless Steel Condensing Coil.Installed in 5 gallon plastic bucket For the most rapid production of Distilled Water, the Life Saver Water Distiller uses 10feet of Medical/Food Grade 316L Stainless Steel Tubing in its condensing coil.
By using a pressure cooker as the Boiling Chamber, the Life Saver distiller is capable of producing Pure Distilled water at the rate of up to 1 ounce per minute — which is a fasterproduction rate than with a Conventional Household Electric Water Distiller.The actual production rate achieved in a particular situation depends on the source and intensity of the
of the heat used to boil the water

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Weight 5 kg