Drip Filter/ Base Camp Filter

Katadyn Drip Filter

No pumping required–a self-contained, stand alone gravity filter. Ideal for groups, camps, remote cabins

Water container with 3 built-in ceramic filters, (candles) free-standing gravity fed filter with a 10 litre water container for large quantities of water. Filters without effort, ideal for water supply of camps, cabins and homes without running water.




     Specifications Katadyn Drip Ceradyn:

   Technology: 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter
   Output: ca. 4 l/h
   Capacity: Up to 150’000 l ( 3 candles @ 50,000 per candle, depending on water quality)
   Weight: ca. 4.5 kg ( 3x candles without container 1.8 kg, replacement cost $389)
   Size: 28 x 28 x 46 cm packed box size

   Drip Filter Purpose and Action

  • Microfiltration of water which may be contaminated by infective organisms.
  • Katadyn filters were originally designed to meet Swiss standards for removal of all bacteria from natural untreated water sources such as rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, springs, reservoirs and wells.
  • They are also used on dechlorinated water to remove bacteria which may pass through or incubate and multiply on the wet charcoal filters used to remove chlorine or chemicals.
  • Giardia and other cysts, as well as, coliform and the smallest known bacteria were shown to be completely removed in many tests.
  • Tests also demonstrated zero bacteria in the filtered water after idle intervals, demonstrating that no bacteria incubate within the filter. Contamination of the ceramic filter element by harmful bacteria is prevented by bacteriostatic silver which is dispersed and fixed throughout the ceramic material by Katadyn’s proprietary manufacturing process. This protection lasts up to the end of the life cycle of the element.
  • The Katadyn Drip does not remove 99.9% of viruses and does not remove dissolved minerals or chemicals. Therefore, sea water or brackish water is not desalinated. Nor is water softened by removal of the hardness, minerals, calcium, and magnesium, normally considered beneficial in water for drinking and food preparation.
  • Parasites, algae, pollen, fungi, asbestos fibers, nuclear explosion debris, invisible dust particles, as well as, larger suspended particles and sediment are removed by Katadyn filtration. Therefore, water is clarified and often tastes better.
  • The outside surface of the ceramic filter element may temporarily plug up by the particulate matter in water. The exterior of the ceramic is then wiped or brushed to restore the normal flow rate.
  • If one candle needs to be replaced, the hole can be plugged and it can operate on 2 candles until third is added, plug supplied.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg