Liverplex Liver cleanse (to assist the body)

Liver Cleanse to assist in health and well being – Once the kidneys have been cleansed, the liver should receive some attention, to ensure maximum digestive power. The 200ml bottle contains 6 weeks supply, the dosage is 2ml 3 times per day for an adult, or half that for a child.
Note: 1 ml equals 30 standard drops from a dropper tube.

Contents: Tumeric, St. Mary’s thistle, Gravel root, Parsley root, Mullein, fresh green hull of Black walnut, Marshmallow root, liquorice, Wild yam and Skullcap





Why Hulda Clark anti-parasite herbs – Liverplex Liver Cleanse to assist the body
Dr. Clark has found that in every disease of the body, evidence of parasites exists as part of the condition, we see the removal of parasites as just one step towards holistic and natural healing, taking all factors into account. Other factors can be advised by a qualified health practitioner of your choice, for example what conditions prevail in our body allowing these parasites to exist and thrive?

It is also recommended to follow the instructions as advised in her books, see book section.

The full program takes nearly 3 months, when including kidney and liver cleanse.
(best to order 2x Triplex, 1x Fliudplex & 1x Liverplex)
(Note special if you buy all 3 together as a pack, see other selection)

Triplex is taken Week one: 10 drops 3 times daily. (Optional to take also L-Arginine and L-Ornithine for ammonia release by dead parasites, from Health Food Shops)

Week Two: 20 drops 3 times daily, after this continue to take maintenance dose at 30 drops 3 times per week, e.g. Mon, Wed and Friday.

Week Three: Begin Fluidplex at start of week 3,  2ml 3 times daily for 6 weeks. (best to include B3, B6 and Magnesium Orotate from Health Food Shops)

Week Three to Eight: Keep taking Triplex as per maintenance dose at 30 drops, 3 times per week.
Keep taking Fluidplex, 2ml 3 times daily, take until bottle is finished.
The dosage is 2ml 3 times daily, for an adult, until bottle is empty.

Week Eight:  Begin Liverplex at start of week eight, 2ml 3 times daily for the next 6 weeks or until bottle is finished.

Children take only a half dosage

Optional additional tool would be a zapper, but it has been found that the standard design is a little under powered, producing only 5 volts under load, some experts recommend a higher voltage and superior design than that as originally shown in the Hulda Clark books, as the natural body resistance varies enormously between people.
The unit sends out pulses of a particular frequency, which vibrates parasites to death. The best results are obtained using this and the herbs together according to Hulda Clark in her book.
We always recommend you do this under the guideance of your health practitioner.



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