Samson and Lexsun Juicer Parts


The standard Samson Juicer parts are again now being imported – We have both Samson and Lexsun parts, on ordering Lexsun Augers and Drums, we need confirmation of diameter of shaft protruding from auger, this can be 11 mm or 15 mm.
SAMSON: All parts in stock except Drum and Mincing Cone.
LEXSUN: All parts in stock at this time.

(UPGRADE to Lexsun involves a new Drum and Juicing Screen plus Mincing Cone, total cost $132.90)

Order Samson and Lexsun parts by email and list parts you require with your phone number, so we can get credit card details. Full address details please.
See price listing link for Samson/Lexsun below. NOW BOTH Samson/Lexsun juicing screens  in stock

For more details on the selection of Samson and Lexsun juicer parts : Lexsun Juicer parts
Samson and Lexsun screens are the same price and made from new tough ULTEM polycarbonate.

confirm that below old type is same as pre-2007 old screen and new type is after 2007 ?

Pre 2007 Samson Screen type simple cone (top)
After 2007 Lexsun Screen type cone with lip (below)







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