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Lexen Professional Food Processing Centre your food processor, ice cream maker, ice crusher, blender, juicer, breadmaker, meat mincer, chopper and more with a powerful 3 HP motor, making it one of the most powerful units available, with a speed of 28000 rpm!!! .

Scientific research now shows that food processing in this way, may significantly enhance nutrient intake from whole foods, it appears that this type of blender has the ability to disrupt plant cell wall structure and reduce food particle size which may enhance the bioavailability of essential nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

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Comes standard with a 1.5 Litre jug complete with fully enclosed lid.
(similar to Vitamix, however we can also supply the Vitamix @ $995)
This comes with the option of buying extra jugs: 1.5 Litre = $145 and/or the 2 Litre with tamper (hole in lid) = $195

The food processing centre is not just a blender or a juice extractor, as It has many more practical functions.

The surgical grade stainless steel blades rotate at enormous speed, pulverizing whole foods down to the cellular level and so that living valuable nutrients locked inside the pulp, skins and seeds of fruits and vegetables can be absorbed because the phytonutrients are trapped within plant cells which need to be broken open.
The design of the blades is such that they cut above and below at the same time, which means it is not necessary to change jugs to grind down solids. These blades are replaceable and quality made in Japan.
The machine opens the cell walls of fresh, whole foods to make these phytonutrients more bio-available.

Note that this unit has special blades, with 4 knives up and two down, allowing contents to be pulled down while rotating, this means that it is not essential to use both jugs as it is with some much more expensive models that require one normal jug and one jug plunger to push produce down.
The unit can function with just one jug and either one at that, 12 Months standard warranty, and while suited to commercial applications similar to models like the Blend Tec, this negates the warranty if used commercially.

Though there is the option to purchase a 12 month commercial warranty for $150, as in some cases these units would be used continuously.

Note: After extensive testing, we did conclude that when dealing with mixes with less liquid content, a pusher was indespensable, meaning in those cases the 2L was more suited.

Simple Sprout Smoothies by Gene Monson

Equipment note: My preferred Blender is a Super Blender, but High Performance Blender, but any Blender can be used, as used in conjunction with our Easiest Sprouters as listed on this site.

Ingredient note: Hulled buckwheat & sunflower & whole sesame are great for shakes – sprout in less than 24 hours in Easy-Sprout™, chill, then transfer to freezer bags and freeze for an always-ready supply.

Berry-Banana Sprout Smoothie(2 servings) 

1 cup cold water

¼ cup hulled Sunflower (soak 1 hour, sprout 12 hrs.)

¼ cup hulled Buckwheat (soak 1 hour, sprout 18-24 hrs.)

1 Banana (4-5 oz. after peeling)

1½ cup (6 oz.) Frozen Berry Mix (straw, rasp, black, blue) or single flavor

1 T. raw honey (opt.)  Put ingredients in Blender in order shown.  Blend smooth.

                                                  B-O-P Sprout Smoothie(2 servings)

1 cup cold water

¼ cup hulled Sunflower (soak 1 hour, sprout 12 hrs.)

¼ cup hulled Buckwheat (soak 1 hour, sprout 18-24 hrs.)

1 Orange, peeled & sectioned

1 Banana (4-5 oz. after peeling)

1½ cup (6 oz.) frozen, fresh Pineapple chunks

Put ingredients in Blender in order shown.  Blend smooth.

 Chocolate-Banana Sprout Smoothie(2 servings)

1 cup cold water

¼ Cup each Sunflower & Buckwheat (sprouted as above & frozen)

¼ Cup whole Sesame (soaked 1 hour & sprouted 12 hours & frozen)

2 T. Organic raw Cacao Nibs. (*, or use 2 T. cocoa.

1 banana (3-4 oz.; If frozen, cut into ½” slices.)

1 T Raw Honey (or Agave Nectar)

Blend above ingredients smooth, then add 7 ice cubes and blend additional minute.

EATING RAW AS A WAY OF LIFE   By Gene Monson, Inventor of EASY-SPROUT™ & Founder/President – Sproutamo Corporation

For more than 25 years I’ve tried to eat a high raw diet, not because of health problems, but rather because so much of what I’ve read and observed convinced me that The Road To Obesity, Numerous Health Problems And Low Energy Is Paved With Cooked And Processed Foods.

One of the secrets to eating more raw foods is to keep raw foods at your fingertips.  At our house there are lots of raw foods (for our two adults and two teens) to choose from, so eating raw is easy.  It isn’t enough to just keep the usual fresh fruits and vegetables on hand.  Eating raw is greatly enhanced with germinated seeds, beans, grains, and nuts – whether fresh, frozen or dried.  For example, for the past decade our breakfast everyday has been an all-raw protein-rich sprout smoothie.  For snacks I’ve always kept sprout bars in the freezer.  At dinner, Easy-Sprouters on the table let us add fresh sprouts to salads and to anything that has been cooked.

I’m constantly on the search for new ways to use germinated seeds, beans, grains, & nuts because I believe they can contribute immeasurably to the health and wellbeing of us all.  Here are some favorites, old and new.

Stuffed Celery (this crunchy, nutrient-rich snack is a teen-pleaser)

Combine one or more sprouted grains (wheat, spelt, rye, oats, etc.) with raw almond or cashew butter, or peanut butter.  When mixing the grains and nut butters try adding some raisins or a touch of raw honey or agave nectar.  Spread the mixture into celery stalks, and if desired cut in bite-size pieces.  (If you don’t have celery it can be used with apple or pear slices, plus the filling is delicious by itself.)

 Frozen Sprout Bars (first made when the two teens were babies)

A favorite convenience food – nutrient-dense frozen sprout bars are made by grinding frozen sesame (1C.), sunflower (1C.) and organic raisins (3/4C.) and then adding 2 cups of whole sprouted grains & nuts + peanut butter (to taste), coconut, etc. for variety.  (For chocolate flavor add 3 T. raw chocolate powder or cocoa, before grinding.)  The entire mass is mixed and shaped within one of the plastic bags that was initially used to store sprouted sesame, sunflower, grains or nuts in the freezer.  Ingredients can be combined, mixed and shaped within the bag and returned to the freezer.  We can serve it as a cake or cut (& wrap) for snack bars, as needed.

Sprouted Rice & Sesame (my wife Pam and I have this almost everyday)

While most sproutable seeds have a variety of uses rice is more limited.  Soak (warm water) up to a pound of short grain brown rice, or our favorite, Lundberg’s Wehani or Black Japonica rice for 8 hours and sprout 24-28 hours.  Refrigerate to cool then transfer rice to freezer bag for freezing.  With  high performance blenders like Vita-Mix® we can quickly make an enzyme preserving “cream of sprout cereal”.  Blend scant ¾ cup water, ¾ cup frozen rice sprouts, ¾ cup frozen sesame sprouts and tsp. agave nectar or raw honey to sweeten until smooth and warm.  For variety add ¼ tsp cinnamon to water and/or sweeten with dried figs.  (Slice 4 figs & soak in one cup water at least 4 hours.  Remove fig slices & increase soak water to one cup.   Put fig water in blender, add sesame,  rice & soaked fig slices.  Blend until smooth and warm.  Usually this is garnished with some organic raisins, banana slices, and soaked walnuts or pine nuts, or 24 hour buckwheat or sunflower sprouts.

 EASY-SPROUT™ “the easiest sprouter ever” (Available from Participating Dealers & Direct) is a Trademark of SPROUTAMO CORPORATION

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