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Lightweight efficient easy to use manual juicer, is this the new juicer that is replacing outdated heavy cast iron manual juicers?  MK3 improved version, reduced price.

Want a healthy juice when you’re on the road, on your bike, out to sea, or at the office – just clamp down the strong and lightweight manual juicer to a smooth surface, feed in your preferred fruit or vegetable and with a few turns of the handle you’ve got a living juice…wherever you are in the world.

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Make a living juice from wheatgrass, granny smith apples, carrot, celery, cucumber, pear, lemon, guava, grape, leafy greens, herbs,and more. Made from strong polycarbonate material, this manual juicer is easy to clean and assemble and has a 50kg suction base.


                                     Easy and simple to take apart….and NO strainer to clog up, this design has outlet at the back of unit, while the pulp is all pushed to the front of the barrel, a joy to do pineapple juice, which often blocks in other juicers. (12 months warranty)

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe auger has a stainless steel tip, giving it a long life span with no concern for premature wearing for extended life span.

Again, stainless steel is used  in the drum cap.


 A handy wrap around jug that pours so easily without spillage, now with strainer added to cover jug if required.


  The handle supplied makes it easy to release the suction pad or apply it, but it must be a smooth surface, if you do not have a smooth surface, simply use the stainless steel bench clamp included in this new model

The very latest NEW HEALTHY JUICER MK3

This unit is called the MK3, unlike the first model, still in circulation, MK1, the handle has been
strengthened, made longer, providing more leverage, and the addition of a stainless steel clamp!

The Healthy Mk3 Living Juice Extractor is with a much stronger 25cm long handle as in Mk2. On top of the standard patented strong suction feature as in previous model the Mk3 has an exclusive stainless steel clamp. It also comes with a strainer contoured to the juice jug. It has 3 years warranty. Clearly its value for money cannot be matched. It can juice dryer  than most other hand juicers for wheatgrass.

Latest design in manual juicers available in Australia making it easier to get that “shot” of wheatgrass,
fruit & vegetable juice……………..Juice made from young and fresh blades of cereal grass is most beneficial.  These young blades have the highest vitality and are rich in enzymes and growth hormones that are missing or at low levels in mature plants and leaves, as well as in elderly humans.  Kirrlian photography reveals that the vitality of leaves starts to diminish soon after cutting and that most of it is lost within hours, though if refrigerated in a closed plastic bag it may be kept for a day. Most nutrients will still be available from commercially dried and powdered grass, such as green barley grass but young fresh grass juice has enzymes and life force that in turn can assist in giving more energy, health & vitality.

For the first time, we now have a low cost multi-purpose poly-carbonate juicer that can extract these living juices in wheatgrass, fruits and vegetables. This model, called the Healthy Juicer MK3, has a stainless steel clamp and a standard suction base which attaches to anysmooth surface, as used in most modern kitchens.

The patented suction base is rated at 50kgs of suction force. It securely attaches to any smooth kitchen counter or table and has a stainless steel clamp as a backup, when that smooth surface is too hard to find. The Healthy Juicer is a cold press type juicer and does the same job as other expensive specialised electric juicers, that use the cold press method, and this for a fraction of the cost.
While we also recommend the larger slow turning electrical juicers, like LexSun and Angel, priced from 
$465 onwards, the Healthy Juicer is the ideal small and low cost alternative, ideal for a quick glass of fresh fruit, vegetable and wheatgrass juice.

It is also perfect (compact and light) for bringing along when camping or a weekend holiday away from home. All parts of the juicer are made of tough Polycarbonate (Lexan) which is most durable, which gives the manufacturer the confidence to offer a 3 year warranty on all parts the juicer.

The most interesting part of this new design is the absence of a strainer inside the juicer, the pulp is pushed to the front while the juice is pushed to the rear of the juicer, where it exits into the jug, with or without strainer. The net result here is that the machine will very rarely block, as is the case with most other juicers.The parts of the juicer that receive the most force (the tip of auger and the inside of the end cap) are made of stainless steel. All materials used in the Healthy Juicer are FDA approved.

With the healthy juicer you will love to juice more often, because it is both easy to use and clean. This strong and lightweight handy manual juicer can give you living juice with your preferred fruit or vegetable…wherever you are.

The golden nectar  or wheatgrass “living juice”  that these juicers produce, is the best medication one could receive.

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