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 NOW IN STAINLESS STEEL AT A LOW COST! As long as stocks last at this price!
Manual juicer for wheatgrass and or other selected wild grasses – available in Australia – Juicers direct from the importers.
Functional NO FRILLS STAINLESS STEEL wheatgrass manual juicers that have stood the test of  time, juices most soft fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass. Which Juicers?

Requires 20 to 36mm thick bench . 3 years warranty.

But why is wheatgrass SO  GOOD!

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GrassSqueezers are a  Manual  Juicer in Stainless Steel, designed for wheatgrass, which it does best, but also can do some soft fruits and vegetables. (not recommended for carrots, beetroot etc) Easy to clean and maintain, very efficient function.
This stainless juicer is the most economical option for juicing, and the previous concern about rust spots has now been elliminated by the change over to maintenance free stainless steel. The only non stainless parts are the fixing screws on handle end of juicer. We have now removed all high maintenace cast iron juicers from our site.

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