Whisper Mill (Australia Sales)

Standard model for all 240 volt locations, DISCOUNTED FROM $495 TO $450,

GrainMaster Whisper Mill, now renamed the WONDER MILL  Australian Model – 240 volts  (sold at discounted price until further notice )
 THE WONDERMILL HIGH TECH GRAIN MILL, looking good in any kitchen.

A mill with a LIFETIME warranty  – quality unit with appealing appearance that will look great in any kitchen, and gives 1 kg of fresh nutritious flour in 100 seconds, without any damage to the grain, using Microburst technology.
Ultra high speed, high quality micronizing  stainless steel milling heads with lifetime warranty  with separate side flour container.
USA designed and patented. made in our Korean factory . The ultra strong   ABS plastic housing are durable yet light weight  making it easy to get out for use and easy to store. The LG electronics  1250 watt motor is the most powerful micronizing  motor in the world today.  This large  LG motor  has large bearings and brushes as well as heavy duty wiring to ensure  long life .
Limited Life Warranty for faulty parts and workmanship, does not include servicing after many years and user error. Note: Optional extra hopper to reduce flow of very small grain is $35 extra, recommended, like poppy seed or Quinoa. If you have no extra hopper, delivery of small grain must be slow, do not fill the hopper as it may overload the appliance.

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The Whisper Mill, now called Wonder Mill, uses extreme high speed and high quality micronizing  milling teeth to explode the grains into  beautiful  home ground flour.
The powerful yet compact  motor, together with The heavy duty stainless steel milling head assembly, are housed  perfectly in the strong ABS plastic unit with a tube connecting the side mounted ABS plastic canister – used to catch the flour.

The lifetime warrantied milling heads are sealed and they never need service . The multi position coarse fine  knob on the front  of the mill  controls the amount of grain entry into the milling chamber, not the motor speed. The finest setting will allow grains as small as  millet to pass, the Mill can grind a variety of coarse to fine pastry flour  . The Whispermill is a flour mill and  will not produce cracked grains  or cereals .
This mill is is perfect for   those who want ultra fast clean and easy flour  milling with rapid output.
Grains : Wheat, Spelt, Rye, Barley, Millet, Rice, Lentils, Split Peas, Buckwheat, Oats, small Chick Peas, small Soy Beans, small Dry Beans, small maize kernels and pop corn
Output 750 grams per minute fine
Hopper Size 1400 grams
Dimensions H290mm, W210 + H190, W220
Weight 3 Kg
Milling Heads Microburst® Stainless Steel Tooth
Motor 1250W High RPM Brushed Design
Warranty limited lifetime via Importer
Origin Korea
Availability IN STOCK (Limited numbers)
Now we sell only Wonder Mills, which replaces the older Whisper Mills


The GrainMaster Whisper Mill – Best quality grain mill in Australia? Now with latest technology insidprt

A highly advanced Grainmill that mills wheat, split peas, soybean, millet, beans, barley, rice, rye and corn,  very fast at low temperatures, avoiding nutritional loss by milling the whole grain with its outer coats and husks, by using a stainless steel surgical quality milling chamber, called Microburst milling technology.

This fragments the grain on contact with the stainless steel teeth, to preserve the nutrition still present in grains. The quality of the flour is vastly superior to commercial methods. Using organic grain, the flour will be free from harmful contaminants that can be found in pesticides and fertilisers, the result, fresh flour full of vitamins and nutrients contained in the outer coats and husks, normally discarded in commercial milling. 

Large storage container Supplied with unit, will take 8 cups of grain, and give you 12 cups of flour, the capacity of the container, which is automatically filled direct from mill through a tube.
Adjustable dial – from coarse to pastry fine at the touch of a dial, without gumming or jamming and no over heating. Very coarse porridge meal is not made with this mill, and sunflower, linseed and sesame seed must not be used in this mill, as they require steel burrs, see section on burrs under The Little Ark mill. 
Solid high quality machine 1 3/4 peak horse power, supplied with correct voltage to suit your area. 120V, 220V, 240V. This unit requires mains power supply, but can function in a remote area on a 12 Volt battery, with an invertor, as it makes 1lb of flour in only 45 seconds, this would not drain the battery.
The result is a purely natural flour from living grains, complete with all it’s vitamins, minerals and enzymes, that normally is lacking in commercially milled flour. Fresh is always best, why tamper with natures balance!
And all this with a LIFETIME warranty     Making Scones        Home Milled Baked Bread

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 49 × 36 × 25 cm