Tuscany Manual Grain Mill

A hand mill with a totally new design that allows a downward turning action.
It can be nestled in your lap or used with a horizontal turning action as it rests on a table.
There is a draw to hold the milled flour.

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The mill can be held in the lap while turning with a down ward force to hold it steady or clamped/rested on a table while turning the mill handle.
It is adjustable for coarse or fine flour and is suitable for all grain types. On a fine setting 40 gm per minute is the expected output with increased output on coarser settings.
A draw holds the milled flour.
The mill stones are high grade corundum/ceramic and are self sharpening.
The mill is backed up with a five year manufacturers guarantee.

Wooden Casing: Solid larch;
Mill Output Fine: 40 g/min;
Hopper Capacity: 450 g ;
Measurements h/w/d: 38/24/24 cm
Weight 4.6 kg Guarantee: 5 years

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 24 × 24 cm


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