Waldner Manual Grain Mill

Hand driven: Farina Manual Grain Mill by Waldner biotech

This mill is hand driven and is of exceptionally high quality being manufactured in Austria from sustainable Larch timber.
It is a pleasure to use and surprises with the ease of the action, and is the perfect mill for all dry grains and seeds that have no oil content, and is built to last, with high quality inert type European stones!!

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The Waldner manual grain mill is manufactured in Austria to the highest standards.
It is simple to set up and clamps to a bench or table. It is adjustable for coarse or fine flour and is suitable for all grain types.
The unit is a pleasure to use and surprises with the ease of the action.
On a fine setting 35gm per minute is the expected output with increased output on coarser settings.
The mill stones are high grade corundum/ceramic and are self sharpening.
The mill is backed up with a five year manufacturers guarantee.
The stones are easily accessible so cleaning and maintenance could not be easier.

The mill is suitable for many grain types and spices including wheat, spelt, rice, buckwheat, barley, rye and much more.
Spices may also be milled, as long as they are dry.

Wooden Casing: Solid larch

Mill Output Fine: 35 g/min

Hopper capacity: 450 g

Measurements h/w/d: 29/14/16 cm

Weight 1.8kg

Guarantee: 5 years

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Weight 6 kg