Grain Cracker Bravo (For hardest grains)

Grain cracker model Bravo – is the toughest of the lot with a larger motor and hardened steel hammers, which have proven to be very durable and ideal for lupins.
These hammers can be replaced, it is rare to do so, there is also the option of making your own hammers out of a hardened steel, after being shaped they can be inserted into the flexible holders, making this unit an excellent choice for that farm many kilometre away from mechanical supplies.
The sieves are also durable, but can be replaced after long term use.

The system will not add total freight for this item, so please note we will add an amount of $110 manually, for basic freight for the whole of Australia (Your price plus added freight)




Grain Cracker – Bravo 240 V …  great for cracking grain and does up to 240 Kg per hour leaving just 5% flour.
The rest is good cracked grain for Poultry and general live stock. Cuts cereal for animal meal. 1.22 hp Produces 50 to 230 kgs per hour depending on sieves used – supplied, 4, 6, and 8 mm.
Dust proof output bucket supplied as standard. Robust Plastic case, CE approved, Packing size 73x51x44cm and weight: 20 kg. Assembly Size 98 H x 60 Wx 60 cm Deep. Power 220/230 Volts, 10 Amps, 900 Watts.

The standard hammers do an excellent job of most produce, now with the hardened steel, it can also do the very hard lupins, the other grain cracker models not being able to cope with these very hard grains.

Unlike the other hammer mills, this unit uses flexible hammers designed to deflect off grain slightly while hammering. This allows the Bravo to produce cracked grain with only a minimal amount of flour, however, if one purchases the smaller optional extra sieve, being 1 mm to 2.5mm, more fine powder is collected, and it can be put in again to achieve more fine and the smaller sieve slows down standard production rate.
Note that hopper feed narrrows down to 50x25mm at the bottom, and then falls into the smallest aperture of 30x20mm, so larger produce sizes must first be pre broken down into smaller pieces before feeding into the Bravo.

If flour needs to be produced, crack first with 6mm sieve, then put in a second time with an optional 1 mm sieve which will produce fine flour, which will take much longer than standard cracking.