Davide – grain cracker

The Grain Cracker Davide is a 3/4 HP Electric Hammer Mill made in Italy, that cracks grain but while doing it, it does about 50% and balance 50% flour, though will produce less flour with the coarser sieves and more cracked grain, and when milling for flour it does great fine flour from 45 to 200 kg per hour, depending on degree of humidity and produce, and is well suited for farm diverse feeding, releasing nutrients from the grain.

In the case of the finer flour for bread making, a 1mm sieve (optional extra at $55) is recommended, slowing it down to 50 kg per hour.
Or use the 1 1/2 mm sieve for Polenta, being slightly less fine, but increasing production volume a little.


This grain mill is for serious milling and cracking, but best suited for small poultry or hobby farms, it has a higher production and still low energy consumption, suited for those that intend to do larger quantities for longer periods of time, actual quantity also depends on the sieve used. Cereal grinding is possible thanks to a blade lock, cereals enter the grinding chamber with a self-regulated process. Also cuts cereal for animal meal.
Cuts cereal for animal meal. sieves supplied – 4 in total; 2.5, 4, 6 and 8 mm Dust proof output bucket supplied as standard.The chosen sieve size will influence quantity and proportion of coarse to fine. See INFORMATION  top right Only parts subject to wear are sieves and hammers, which should last some years depending on amount of use, they are $44 for the hammers and $55 for extra sieves, all models.

Important note: The system will not add freight for this item, so please note we will add manually $96 for basic freight for the whole of Australia.

Any attempt to gain access to moving parts inside while turning, will result in automatic shut down for the protection of users/children.
Warranty on the replacement/delivery of parts valid for 12 months
Size as boxed 47x53x75 cm, weight 18 kg.

Robust Plastic case, CE approved,




Detailed information regarding the difference between the crackers/mills,
being the DAVIDE, GOLIA and BRAVO grain cracker and or mill.
All three machines are hammer mills – see more details top of Home Page.
The Davide and Golia are basically the same machine, the Golia has a slightly bigger hopper and a 1hp motor as opposed to the Davide’s 3/4 hp motor.

The Bravo has a 1.5hp motor and has the hardened steel blades. These hammer blades are also flexible in the Bravo so they bounce a little off the product and thus reducing the amount of flour/dust produced on each hit. 

The Bravo is the only one for Lupins as they need the hardened blades, but at the end of the day, if you put a 1mm sieve in the Bravo you can get fine flour/dust out of it as well as either of the smaller machines.
The Davide is more suited for small farm / household work, making poultry or pig food in smaller quantities.

The Bravo tends to go to people wanting to do a fair bit of work or with specialised requirements such as Lupins, Bone, harder other products or for Horse stables and the like who want as little flour/dust as possible.


The grain mills are fairly simple devices. The hammers spin and smash whatever product is in the hopper until it is small enough to fit through the sieve.
The more work the mill has to do to break the product down small enough to get through the sieve the longer it will take.

If you are feeding animals, you want to put the grain through the largest sieve you can to suit both the grain (so it is not all falling through) and also the size of the animals. ie 2.5mm for smaller chicks, 4mm for adult chickens and pretty much any size you like for the larger animals such as sheep, pigs, goats horses etc.

For the animals to digest the grain the mill only needs to crack the surface protective layer it does not necessarily have to smash the grain up.
If the grain is dry it will explode better when the hammers hit it and will thus process faster. If there is too much moisture or oil in the product then it will tend to squash rather than explode when hit (think raw peanut vs cooked). If the product is squashing then it will absorb some of the energy from the hammers and not break up as easily and thus take more time.

If there is too much oil or moisture in the product then it can actually gum up the hammer section (ie peanut butter )
So long as the hammers are spinning then the machine is working properly. It will be a case of adjusting the sieves / product and/or expectation
The manufacturer estimates 60 to 200 kg of product per hour through these machines. 60 is for finer sieves and larger product. 200 is for just cracking with some product possibly still going through whole, but most cracked.