HD Coconut Scraper

A very solid coconut scraper, all heavy duty, cast aluminium body made in Australia, using the same cutting blade as the previous model – used to remove the “meat” inside the coconut, notice the high quality stainless steel blade and the very hardy improved design, this design is more suited to those that do the scraping on  a regular basis and want something strong with a firm clamp.

How often have you tried to remove the white with a sharp knife, levering away and wandering if the result would end up on the floor or the table?
The HD Coconut Scraper simply grinds away the meat very easily into very small fine pieces ready to either eat or put into your blender or just mix manually with water, so that a nice coconut milk can be made.
Note the very fine teeth, that produce the perfect consistency for blending to make smoothies.

All parts in contact with food are stainless steel, the coconut scraper handle drive rod turns in a long lasting bush, normally used for juicers, which this unit can be adapted to as a secondary function. $59 extra. (Total $309 for both)
Simple and easy to use, it screws straight on to the side of a bench, and very firmly.  12 months warranty.

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