Electric Food Smoker (automatic)


Whether you’re a fisherman, camper or just love entertaining on the back patio – the ultimate food smoker and cooking accessory has arrived!

Be one of the first to experience what’s sure to be this Summer’s hottest appliance – the WORLD’S FIRST electric food smoker – the Anuka.
What sets the Anuka apart from the rest is that it’s not just a fish smoker! You can create a huge variety of smoked delights!  Seafood, meats, sausages, chicken as well as vegetables, cheese & nuts all take on a new culinary dimension with the Anuka! Though this unit is designed as a smoker, it effectively cooks fish and chicken in the process, being a tender type meat.

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The beauty of this little baby is its sheer convenience – you won’t believe how quick & easy it is to use! The electrical operation means no mucking around – there’s NO flames, NO matches, NO propellants & NO fumes. The wood chips/saw dust smoulder away safely on the element to smoke your food safely – even the kids can join in! The saw dust can be purchased at Tackle Shops and Camping Stores.

And with it’s built-in automatic timer you simply set & forget, it switches itself off with a ‘ding’ when ready! Creating a gourmet menu to impress family & friends has never been easier!


Compared to the basic galvanised smokers of old, the Anuka Smoker is in a league of it’s own. With this classy looking appliance on your patio, we guarantee you’ll be envy of all of your friends!
Not only does it look the part, the Anuka has been built tough – with it’s stainless steel element burner, Teflon-coated cast aluminium base & a heavy duty heat-proof lid.

With the Anuka you can get started straight away! It comes complete with a detailed Recipe/Instruction Book full of delicious suggestions & ideas, a measuring scoop and an all-weather cover. Simply choose your flavour of woodchips/saw dust and go!
Feeding the masses is easy with the Anuka. It has a huge cooking capacity thanks to the two levels of stainless steel cooking racks!
The Anuka is portable and there’s no mess involved in setting up or cleaning up. This makes it perfect for everyday use, entertaining on the patio or taking on your next trip!
Cleaning up isn’t a chore thanks to the non-stick surface on the base. The entire base unit can even be put in the dishwasher!
Unlike traditional cold smoking, the Anuka fully cooks the food while infusing the flavours & natural juices with a unique smoky character, thanks to it’s powerful 500W element.

Smoking with Anuka is also a healthy way to create a low fat, low cholesterol menu because there’s no need to add any salt, fats or oils in the smoking process.


The possiblities are limited only by your imagination! You can get creative with the many types of timber available to infuse your food with different smoked flavours! Or try something different and smoke with dry corn cob husks and even tea leaves with powdered ginger!

The Anuka is well worth the dollars. This unique smoker easily surpasses all others on the market making it a must-have item and a great gift idea!

  • Spread sawdust, pellets or wood chips on element burner.
  • Arrange food on smoking rack.
  • Set timer to desired smoking time. Cover unit with lid.
  • Switch on. Unit will start smoking in 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Let the food smoke undisturbed. The unit will automatically shut off at your preset time.
  • Wait 5 minutes.

Most foods take only 20 to 40 minutes to smoke from start to finish, some even 5 minutes! Certain meats may need some pre cooking.

And TWO levels to smoke on!  Size: 40×20 cm, height from base to first grill: 5 cm, height between grills: 4 cm, height above top grill: 7 cm
Top grill can be removed to free up more head space, in fact then giving 11 cm height. Some extra space to left and right of base.


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