Ezi-Dri Snackmaker Dehydrator

The Snackmaker New Digital Dehydrator  – The Ezidry food dehydrator for do it yourself dried fruits, roll ups,   herbs, meats and fish, without chemical preservatives.
Home food dehydration is not new technology but no other dryers have the 21st Century technology to make top quality, nutritious and delicious dried foods, as the EZIDRI.
So easily produced without using preservatives or additives, and the most popular model.

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Dehydrating your food at home gives you complete control over the materials and methods used in home dehydrating and this can be an important health factor.

Dried food takes up less storage space than frozen, and this allows you to use space in your freezer more economically. It is a much easier and safer method of preserving fruit and vegetables than home bottling and canning, and the taste is incomparable. You can dry almost anything that you can eat. Think of the saving for the average household on items like dried fruit and breakfast cereal, for example, and you will soon realize some of the many economic advantages of drying food at home.

This is the most popular dehydrator in the range, which represents 85% of sales. It has 3 temperature settings, (35, 50 & 60 degrees centigrade) complete with 5 trays, (34cm diameter); 1 mesh sheet; 1 solid sheet, and a comprehensive instruction recipe book. Expandable to 15 trays total. Shipping weight about 4.7 kg as standard.

For those wanting to make roll ups or dry purees, meals or soups, you can pour these into solid sheets. (extra solid sheets are $9.50 each) When drying small produce such as peas or herbs, or sticky produce such as tomatoes or bananas, mesh sheets are the solution. (Mesh sheets $7.50 each, extra trays are $19)
Both solid and mesh sheets are placed directly on the trays, and peel off easily.

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Weight 5.2 kg