Important Health Facts

The importance of fresh food and oxygen rich water is something not often spoken about in our commercial world, as there is a vested interest in selling older and older produce, no longer containing the vitality of life. Here we have gathered a few highlights to remember:

FLOUR: When commercially milled, has most of the bran and live germ removed, dramatically extending shelf life,
but the resulting bread will contribute towards a lack of life force and vitality, and will be more constipating.

WATER: Tap water has many chemical additives, like fluoride and chlorine.
Fluoride is in a non organic form, as an example spinach containing iron is good for you, eating nails would not be.

And chlorine added to water, makes the water give up it’s dissolved oxygen. But our bodies are 70% water!
Most bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and other pathogens that contribute to disease are anaerobic and cannot live in high levels of oxygen. And so oxygen is vital for the human body

Adding more electrons to the diet is a must, electrons are like rain, without it plants would not grow or stay alive!

A medical nurse working at a research centre said: “when we are working with cultures in the lab, if we want cells to
mutate we turn down the oxygen. To stop it we turn the oxygen back up”

According to a Dr Carl Reich (who practised from the 1950’s to the 80’s and healed from 60 to 93% of 20,000 patients)
he could ascertain the health of a person by simply testing their pH saliva by the use of pH paper test strips available from chemists, and that within a few minutes at close to nil cost. He put the following table together after many years of experience in regard to pH levels:
4.5 to 6 pH indicates a serious condition already happening. (acid conditions do not allow absorption of oxygen)
6 to 6.5 pH indicates a possible impending health condition, unless reversed. (acid condition, body lacks oxygen)
6.5 to 7.4 pH indicates a healthy balanced condition with a strong immune system which can repel colds and flu.

To achieve this he found that  one must have sufficient calcium, magnesium (2:1) and vitamin D or sunshine, as the two worked together to allow for ionic absorption into the cells of the small intestines, and if calcium is not being absorbed it goes to the wrong places, like kidney and gall stones which do not occur in an alkaline body, from the book “The Calcium Factor” by Biochemist Robert Barefoot and Dr Carl Reich.
These calcium ions produce a more alkaline  system which allows more oxygen absorption! BUT!!!!!!

However, the most absorbable form of calcium is Marine Coral Calcium.

While an acid system would repel oxygen creating an environment suited to multiple ailments.
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NOTE: Elderly people lack enzymes, and enzymes are needed to absorb vitamins and minerals, in this case plant derived enzymes can be taken in supplement form, with meals, as per Dr Edward Howell.

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It creates alkaline water with molecular hydrogen, with added minerals, the water produced is above 7 pH and test strips included.

Other ways of introducing more electrons in the body:

Live uncooked foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts and most things raw, oxygenated water, like natures spring water, or an Ionizer , fresh fruit or vegetable juice create more electrons and thus give the antioxidant affect.
So adding more electrons could create a longer life span, while introducing more processed food could potentially reduce your life span, seeing that low quality food would have an oxidising affect.

It is now widely accepted by mainstream medicine that inflammation causes a wide variety of diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, alzheimers and autoimmune disorders.
Inflammation is largely caused by too many “free radicals” in the body and not enough electrons to have an  antioxidant affect.
In other words, if a body is too acid, it will encourage inflammation to heal itself on location.
A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in its outer shell.
With a single electron, free radicals are voracious “scavengers”, stealing electrons from healthy tissues, and so, causing damage.


Another point to consider is grounding, your feet making contact with the ground, as Dr S Sinatra points out:
When done in just a few minutes, the zeta potential rises, and also decreases you blood viscosity and affects the charge of blood cells, so they actually start repelling each other. This action causes the blood to flow better and your blood pressure to drop. When the zeta potential is lower, the blood cells tend to clump together.

Well known Mr Oxygen, Ed McCabe makes 6 important points for good health,
as in his Book “Oxygen Therapies”.

1) Lots of cellular oxygen, the body cleanser and immune system builder.
added: (Body needs calcium, magnesium  and  Vitamin D to do this as well as more live foods and juices all having an alkalizing effect).
2) An abundant supply of hydrogen ions, and all the major and trace colloidal minerals, needed to repair and rebuild the body.

3) Enzymes, which are the fire in the boiler, the catalyst that is needed, and it purifies and dissolves scavengers and removes waste. (raw foods and juices)

4) Lots of good clean water, the major cleanser and transport mechanism for oxygen, hydrogen and minerals.

5) A  clean colon, to stop autointoxication and flush wastes.

6) An emotional, moral and Spiritual base. added= (and exercise)

The importance of Colloidal Minerals in the body

In a nutshell, metallic minerals are converted into colloidal minerals through plant photosynthesis.
Minerals are not just minerals, in the inorganic state (like Fluoride) at the very best 10% can only be absorbed by the body, but in the organic state as obtained from plants, they produce colloidal minerals which can be assimilated by the cells of the body, being 1 millionth to 100 millionth of a millimetere in size.
So complex forms of organic minerals are produced by plants , (or marine calcium) such as proteins, which can then be stored and used by the body to carry out many functions.
It is in the colloidal form that the trillions of cells that make up our health can all readily absorb the nutrients through their membranes, and when this is happening, we call it good health.
It does not happen when the body is over loaded with dead processed food and drinks, only natural nature has things in balance the way they were intended.
The answer is back to a natural life with high energy foods and drinks, in the way of more raw foods, like seed sprouting,  blenders, grain mills, slow turning juicers (Angel is best) only the best colloidal minerals.
Best to include at least about 70% raw live food in your diet, look at the obvious, what is better with a banking deposit, 70% in debt or 70% in savings?!

Negatively charged ions:

Ions are atoms or molecules in which the number of electrons is different than the number of protons.
In other words, an ion is a negatively (more electrons than protons) or positively (more protons than electrons) charged atom or molecule.
Positively charged ions are called cations, while negatively charged ions are called anions.
Because they are either positively or negatively charged, ions are “mobile.”
For instance, negative ions are generated by moving water – rivers, waterfalls, crashing waves, even showers and fountains.
Waterfalls are probably the greatest producers of negative ions, thanks to the force with which falling water breaks apart on both hard and aqueous surfaces and even plants generate negative ions into the air, especially when exposed to intense light during photosynthesis.
Negative Ions are considered very beneficial to your health and can have a balancing effect on the body, while at the same time even changing moods, as often is achieved by camping in the forest, or being by the sea or a water fall and even to some extent when surrounded by plants or trees.

Negative Charged Ions are Effective in Treating most conditions and create an environment suited to healing (Cited from High-Voltage Treatment published by Youth Publishing)
Back in 1950, a Dr. Haskell applied Negatively Charged Ions to patients of Hypertension.
And Negative Ions were also proven to have a positive effect in lowering one’s blood pressure.
Negative Ions can also assist in treating influenza, asthma and especially bronchial disease.
Another study done by the University of Frankfurt involved a “Cancer Team” in order to further study the physical effects of Negative Ions to cancer cells.
Different types of cancer cells were transfused into the bodies of mice.
In order to have a base of comparison, one group of mice was put into a negative ion environment each day while the other group remained untouched.
As a result, the mice in the negative ion environment lived, on average, for 59 days, while the mice that were untreated lived no longer than 34 days. The mice from the experimental team lived 25 days longer; some even lived as long as 80 days! The experiment’s result confirms the effectiveness of Negative Ions in treating many conditions.

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