Cancer Proof


 1) Cancer mainly takes hold in a body that has ignored basic good health considerations for many years
    Cancer rarely occurs in healthy tissue that is well nourished and has good circulation.

 2) A pre-cancerous state of the body’s entire constitition must exist, possibly for many years before the 
primary cancer makes its first appearance (though trauma or shock can initiate a condition)


  The first rule in dieting is to eat sparingly, whatever the make-up of our diet. Even on a bad diet, this rule 
will still permit better health and extended life because less wear and tear will have to be endured by the body.
. Good quality food (Also wheatgrass, fresh fruits & vegetable juices) helps the normal processes of digestion, 
general metabolism and  elimination to proceed with minimum effort and without the production of toxic 
by-products capable of compromising the purity of the blood – or we overtax the eliminatory organs, and 
gradually accumulate toxins in the tissues and cells to increasingly impede their functions.
Generally, it is best to eat about 75% raw food versus no more than 25% cooked.
Excessive cooked food and take away will also more likely create much higher variations in blood sugar levels.


  The universal practice of cooking food changes its molecular structure, and while making it generally more 
palatable and easier to eat, it depletes the food’s nutritional value and tends to destroy nutritional components, 
vitamins and natural enzymes which protect against cancer.


  The poorer the condition of the blood, the greater the importance of exercise. People who exercise regularly,  
even if they eat a western diet, suffer less constipation, display lower levels of blood fats and cholesterol, 
lower blood pressure, and less hormonal abnormalities, thereby placing themselves in a safer position. 


  Stress at one time or another is an event a healthy body is equipped to deal with, and whereas a person may 
be indifferent to health, and manages to live for years with pre-cancer or even “controlled” cancer, trauma of a severe 
nature can upset their hormonal balance and diminish their immune system so severely that the hitherto 
controlled cancer breaks free. Thus whether or not severe stress is successfully endured or whether it leads 
to grave illness depends on the health status both mental and physical of the individual.


  It all gets back to the conditions existing within the body – the condition of the environment within – 
the “milieu interieur”. You can call it simply ‘body chemistry’ or ‘blood chemistry’. Whatever you call it 
the thing is to get it right, because then you will have homeostasis – freedom from disease.

  Humans, in whatever part of the world they dwell, have a life potential determined mainly by the sort 
of food available to them, and to a lesser extent by external factors that further influence the composition 
of the environment within their bodies for better or worse.

  Worry and stress can adversely affect the bloodstream, so can medical and other drugs (including oral 
contraceptives and oestrogen therapy), and so can smoking and alcohol. On the other hand, anti-coagulant 
drugs can protect against cancer by improving the blood circulation of chronically sick people.

  So, in our own population, who gets cancer and who does not? For a start we know that currently 25% of 
all deaths are caused by cancer, but this does not mean that only one person in four gets it, the probability 
is that a large proportion of the other 75% of the population has pre-cancer or cancer but perishes of a 
heart attack or something else before the cancer becomes apparent. Autopsies show a lot of unsuspected 
cancer, so you cannot say the odds are very good.

  In 1968 Dr G J Nossal stated that 22% of autopsies of non-cancer deaths reveal the presence of unknown 
malignancies. When in such autopsies the thyroid was investigated, over 50% contained malignant nodules. 
Other autopsy studies have shown that unsuspected cancer of the pancreas and thyroid is common, and 
prostate cancer is present in 50% of men over the age of 75 years. These observations were made   30
years ago, in the course of which time these cancers have become even more common.
  Let us think positive. Who does NOT get cancer?   Those who cancer proof their bodies….

  From: Cancer proof your body, by Ross Horne – Other current books available from same author.

News Flash!!

One of Britains most imminent scientists, Jane Plant, contracted breast cancer in 1987, after some Soul searching 
and research into the cause of her own cancer, she was told that in the western world, it is common for woman to 
die of breast cancer, while it is nearly unheard of in Hong Kong and China.

In England, Europe, USA and Australia, it seems that about 900 die in every 10,000, compared to 1 in every 10,000 
in China, in Hong Kong slightly westernised, the figure is 34 in 10,000 and is called “Rich Womans Disease” by the locals.
Those that die have taken on a more western diet, rich in dairy products and are far are more prone to the condition.

She then fully recovered from the disease, as her lumps disappeared after she stopped drinking and eating diary products.
These products are all highly processed containing many hormones that can encourage cancer growth and limit body 
rejection of these cells, according to the book.

We highly recommend the book she went on to write, called: Your Life is in Your Hands” by Jane Plant

While the above story is significant we recommend cancer patients take the holistic approach, which is to take everything 
into account as per all the information supplied on this site.