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Articles and resources to other sites: Kahuna massage Workshops and appointments Gold Coast We provide online frozen wheatgrass to customers in the UK. – Gold Coast ‘The Living Food Lifestyle Specialists’ Very valuable information on the importance of raw food ‘ Walter Last web site on Health and Spirituality

Spiritual Stories  We are coming home, Do you remember who you are? Time for Love, The Crackpot 

Spiritual Awareness of the world Path of the Masters (Living Masters) Genetic engineering of food with graphics   Concerned about modern farming methods? This is about animals that can no longer live a normal life, with graphics        This site covers basic information on food storage In a book review Grassroots, Australia’s most popular self-sufficiency magazine Oct/Nov 2003, says “Isabell has put her extensive knowledge to good use in what is possibly the most comprehensive herb book in existence”.
Link to Presentation:  Envirotalk about Tasmanian Forests, and the effort to save The Styx Valley. This is what the Styx  Valley looked like in June and many were devastated with what was happening to the Valley. Medical perspective on the benfits of vitamins and nutrition on individual supplements This site is interesting viewing, advice on all aspects of survival and injury Shopping Information and more Title: JungleShop: Kitchen Appliance, Furniture, Accessory Dr. Eddys Integrated Medical Clinic & Ayurveda School Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements: This features in-depth information on an enormous range of vitamins and minerals required for the healthy lifestyle. There are also articles on health based nutrition, cooking, fitness, aging and lifestyle issues. – Toto Toilets: Eco-friendly dual flush toilets, who helps people to quit smoking so that people can live longer, healthier lives and end the harm caused by tobacco to children and the Freedom From Smoking, who also supports Quit Smoking Communities cause to make a world smoke-free (